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We support adults in their home and in the community to enable them to live as independent and as dignified as possible. We offer:
Personal Care Mobility Support Convalescence Care Medication Administration Medication Management Meal Planning and Cooking Domestic and Household Support

Plum Tree Care | Provision of care at home for adults and older people

We provide a tailored Independent living programme for each person. Adults and older people in our care can receive a lot of professional support from our healthcare team. We offer a complimentary in home assessment and can guide you through various ways of receiving support appropriate for you. From your first point of contact with Plum Tree Care, you will always speak with a caring team member who will focus on the best way to meet your needs.

Our Support Services

Care at Home Services
For Adults and Older People

We provide you with care that's tailor made to suit your individual needs. You will also be provided with a carer whose skills meet your needs.

High Quality Support
For Service Users

We provide care for vulnerable adults and older people who live in their own homes, covering Scotland.

Plum Tree Care | Providing care for vulnerable adults and older people who live in their own homes.

We assess, and review service user’s needs, wishes and aspirations to ensure that care and support needs are fully met. We provide services through NDIS, Home Care Packages and private arrangements. Plum Tree Care team have the flexibility and knowledge to be always responsive to your needs.

Our Clients in the UK

Vulnerable adults and older people who live in their own homes

Adults transitioning from hospital

Domiciliary Care

aon recruitment

Plum Tree Care | Providing an environment where each individual will flourish no matter their starting point.

We recognise and value the importance of involving the Service User, their families, representatives as well as working collaboratively with local, statutory and voluntary organisations to deliver high quality, strategically planned and personalised service putting the Service User at the heart of service delivery.

Support and Care Jobs

Our Support and Care Services

Our care services are extremely broad in scope but includes some of the following:

Plum Tree Care providing support for vulnerable adults and older people who live in their own homes.

Plum Tree Care specialises in providing high quality support to service users.

Care and support is delivered based on service users wishes and where possible service users choose the member of staff to support them. Care plans are reviewed every 6 months but, in some cases, sooner depending on the changes in the service user’s needs. Where there is a circle of support in the service user’s life, they will be encouraged to attend review meetings with them. Where there are changes in service user’s needs, a multidisciplinary approach will be used to help promote partnership working and address the challenges at hand.

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Plum Tree Care | Care and Support for Adults and Older People

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